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here's my Hodlonaut artwork with 100% of the proceeds from the sales going straight to the Legal Fund


Cryptocurrency is now part of the 2020 election thanks to candidate Andrew Yang


Andreas Antonopoulos: Just because you don't need bitcoin, doesn't mean it's not needed.


"Inflation is theft" - old discussion but still very valid


Cryptography mailing list, where Satoshi originally announced bitcoin, has banned Fake Satoshi users falsely claiming to be Satoshi



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"Geth fast sync by 57%, reduce disk reads by 44% and writes by 26%"


Week in Ethereum News is out!


Trustlines Protocol is launching a Proof-of-Stake Ethereum side chain. Watch this video to learn more about its use cases like people-powered money


Our Ethereum Y Combinator Hackathon Project. Outlet - Fiat Loans Backed By Eth.


The District Weekly — April 20th, 2019



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How can I sign a message with a Litecoin address using PHP?




Any updates on CT developments?


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