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3605.74 USD

24h: 1.18% 😊

Saying you own bitcoin makes you 55% more attractive


Just joined the 1 BTC club!


BTC has been instrumental for my experience working in China


Less than a decade ago, 10,000 bitcoin bought you a pizza. Today, 10 will buy you a car. Five years from now, one may buy you a house.


EU fines Mastercard over €570 million for high fees



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The Gnosis Safe is now available for iOS


Gitcoin's Growth / Ethereum featured in Forbes


The Giveth DApp, the Donation Application, now supports payments in $DAI, thanks to a generous grant by the MakerDAO Community Development fund, allowing for more stability and dec ...


Eth 2.0 Researchers AMA – Send in your questions! (Thursday 1PM GMT)


KRWb, a 1:1 Korean Won backed stablecoin, has launched and will proceed with a live beta period over the next few weeks on AirSwap



31.83 USD

24h: 2.64% 😃

Security expert claims that $2.5 million is stolen from crypto exchanges every day


Litecoin exchanges available


For LTC will it be Baakt to the Future (or will Baakt make things worse)?


Recovering old light vault wallet


The definitive guide to BTCPay Server pt. 2 – – Medium


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