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6293.61 USD

24h: -3.04% 😨

Found one in Saigon, vietnam


A quick lesson in blockchain history


$1 billion Bitcoin [BTC] does not belong to Mt. Gox: Crash FUD clarified


John McAfee Reignites His Love for Bitcoin, Calls It No. 1 Coin for Payments


Blockchain is not a database, it's a protocol for syncing the databases. The point of a blockchain is not to "store" or "distribute" data, it is to make sure mutually distrusting p ...



198.81 USD

24h: -9.05% 😭

ETH is a currency and the success of Ethereum is tied to ETH being valuable. Is it time to change the narrative and start refuting bogus claims?


France Passes the Most Progressive Legislation on ICOs, Bank Accounts to be Guaranteed


The Los Angeles Dodgers are explaining how to use an Ethereum wallet for their fans...


Multi-Collateral Dai: The Code is Ready and Formally Verified


Lighthouse : an open-source Ethereum 2.0 client, written in Rust



51.71 USD

24h: -8.33% 😭

Litecoin Cards are Coming to Canada


Summit Recap


Found one.....Orlando, Florida - It’ll get ya 15% off dinner so at least they are still bullish. 😂


Confidential Transactions on Litecoin is the biggest no brainer for the future of cryptocurrency in general...


Jameson Lopp (Bitcoin Core Dev) owns Litecoin.


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