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Bitcoin users today


WOW! Bitcoin mining continues to get more decentralized! BTC dot com and Antpool hash rate percentages continue to drop as new independent miners enter the market. 👍


To those who think the decline of the Lira will boost the bitcoin price


If we want more people to join the market, we need to make the process of buying and storing Bitcoin as simple as possible. Here is The Complete Guide for Bitcoin Wallet.


Here is a nice little info graphic for you guys.



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We're all human


Noob Warning: what part of the code of dApps is built "on" Ethereum?


Who will win the first 'El Clásico' match of 2018-2019? Now open bets on Augur


Report: Nearly $2.5 Billion Paid Annually to Ethereum Miners - EHT Issuance Woes Continue -


Coinhako launches Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) pairings with Ethereum (ETH)



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Member of US Congress Owns Litecoin!


AHHH Help please! Can't open/restore litecoin wallet


Trust and Vulnerability on Lightning Networks


@theliteschool: Do you have your $LTC stored in an offline PC but want to safely broadcast it without ever connecting it to the internet? Try this cool Android app that broadcasts ...


Litevault wont reset my 2FA


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