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3667.01 USD

24h: -0.04% 😨

Just to pay in BTC, I got to take the car


Is this not borderline scamming?


Bitcoin Mining Getting More Decentralized As Bitmain Loses Dominance


On the wall of a cryptocurrency broker in the Netherlands


If the governments shut down and your money is backed by the government, is your money worth anything? 🤔



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24h: -1.28% 😨

Constantinople coming in about 6 weeks


Ethereum is a digital nation...


[LIVE] Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #53 [2019-01-18]


Bitwise LMD GHOST: An efficient CBC Casper fork choice rule -- Aditya Asgaonkar [Special Thanks to Vitalik]


The Case for Ethereum Scalability: An extensive breakdown of Ethereum’s scaling goals, Layer 2 tech, alongside how Bitcoin is accomplishing the same.



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24h: -0.53% 😨

CCN "Coingate Integrates Lightning Network on Litecoin to Boost Crypto Payments"


The logo we designed, now in blue! 💙💙💙 All assets can be downloaded via the PDF. Any questions feel free to hit me up!


Defeating the FUD: Litecoin Github Commits Activity


I’m betting 5 LTC on Sunday’s Saints game. Would anyone like to challenge me?


OpenBazaar 2.3 is Released with New Multiwallet Feature (LTC native support)


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