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6532.42 USD

24h: -3.45% 😨

All we need is this kind of bull run!


Bitcoin vs regulator


Forbes is truly breaking ground on trading strategy


Higwai-101(San Francisco)


CloudSight Announces Support for Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments



502.69 USD

24h: -7.04% 😨

Grid+ license to sell retail electricity in the state of Texas approved -- making it one of the first crypto projects to have literal govt approval outside of centralized exchanges


ConsenSys is launching Tachyon, the first Ethereum-focused accelerator program in San Francisco


HERO just launched the closed beta and put a product with more than 250k users on an ERC20 contract, excited to see how it goes


Amsterdam Airport Now Has a Crypto ATM For Travelers With Leftover Fiat to Easily Enter the 'Crypto-reality'


Aventus Blockchain Ticketing Protocol is Live On Ethereum Mainnet



90.89 USD

24h: -7.06% 😨

Litecoin Futures to Go Live in the UK


Litecoin Graph on the Federal Reserve of St Louis Site


Top IOS Software Wallets


I received my Litecoin to loafwallet, now I'm having trouble sending it


Bought 2 Litcoin at over 300 LOL months ago. Should I abandon ship?


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