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Yo dawg


U.S. Launches Criminal Probe into Bitcoin Price Manipulation


How bitcoin works...


Argentinian Bank Drops Out of SWIFT, Favors Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


It's time to use satoshis as a unit. Currently 1 satoshi = 5.94 Venezuelan Bolívar



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Google Tries to Hire Ethereum’s Founder Vitalik Buterin


Vitalik responds to the misinformation about size of ETH nodes / decentralization


Beginners’ Guide to Ethereum


SunContract started working together with Microsoft on the development of the first open Peer-to-Peer energy market for small producers and consumers. The partnership will accelera ...


Just seen on Hedera Twitter, they partner with CryptoTask



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"Bitcoin Gold got 51% attacked. Miners have no issue with attacking BTG because if it dies, they could easily switch to mine another coin that also uses Equihash POW. This is not t ...


Here is why people who say things like “bitcoin and litecoin are over, it’s time watch coins x and y replace them” are wholly incorrect


I used Litecoin as payment for the first time because it was easier than credit card.


I recovered my litecoins that I sent to bitcoin address.


Coinbase Pro gets it


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